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Unfamiliar territory... by Astral-Deva Unfamiliar territory... by Astral-Deva
As a warrior, Tindle wears partial plate, leather, and carries a sword at her hip. She has fought demons, dodged death, and is wanted by the Espian military. But as soon as you put her in a dress... she becomes immediately uncomfortable, unconfident, and embarrassed.

Ok, this is another attempt at putting my OC, Tindle VanMora in a dress, and I like this one much better. She really fought with me on this, as she did the last time I tried to make her look pretty. I think it is her confidence level, she does not think she's beautiful, or even pretty, and so she doesn't try. This is, in my estimation, what will happen after Yadira and Fayette get a hold of her and doll her up. Not sure when, but I'm certain they'd be itching to make the warrior girl look like a lady... but probably more so to make a few of the men in their party have nasal hemorrhages.

Tindle VanMora is my OC in the Dark World RPG, a game I co-own with my brother. :) Feel free to read more about the characters, or even apply to our game at

Wacom Intuos 5, PCSC3, a few days off and on.

~~Featured Character~~
Tindle VanMora

(Updated 2/17/2013. Fixed her face, it was originally too long. Cleaned some lines.)
ScarletZephyr Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
Love it! Her expression is so fitting. You've hit on the right level of discomfort while bringing out her loveliness.
Astral-Deva Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank, glad you think so! :D
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November 18, 2012
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