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Yxonimeye by Astral-Deva Yxonimeye by Astral-Deva
"The first sign of Yxonimeye's name in the annals of history is on the list of allies and retainers belonging to Khail, a great daemon lord who sought power following the defeat of Jeremas on Calamia. One of the mightiest among all aspirants to the throne, with the largest surviving military, Khail looked certain to best all contenders- until the return of the Gornaz.

Khail's many ranks were as nothing in the face of the Last Titan's power; but that fact alone wasn't enough to convince Khail to capitulate. The proud aspirant emperor threw his forces into several doomed actions. Yxonimeye participated in battles against both Gornaz's forces and those of Khail's former competitors, including Nakhti and a handful of other prominent lords. He was eventually captured during a raid on the holdings of Grevis the Corrupt, in whose custody he would remain until some time after Khail's ambitions were ground to dust.

Grevis the Corrupt was a warped genius whose jails teemed with all manner of mutant horrors. In his custody, Yxonimeye was subject to experiments that changed his body, altered his powers and temporarily inhibited his ability to change form. Eventually, the disorganisation of the place served to undo Grevis, and the subjects of his experiments found an opportunity to tear loose.

Knowing that those who escaped the corrupted lord's compound were likely to wind up hunted across the wastes for sport by the local population, Yxonimeye left the vanguard of the escapees and fled deeper into labyrinth of twisted daemon-parodies, blasting open the doors and breaking the chains of every restrained thing he came across. Yxonimeye tore through the bowels of his prison-citadel until he outran the sounds of disarray and destruction wrought by Grevis's other victims.

Close to the core of the structure, the fugitive Yxonimeye murdered the athdraki guards of a mighty reliquary. There, he found - among other treasures - an object that offered him a very real (though highly dangerous) means of escape: a flawed portal gem. He used the priceless object without hesitation, destroying it in the process.

Following this, Yxonimeye spent many years on the foreign soil of Calamia, hiding like a beast or posing as a hunchback, travelling rarely and never in the open. He lived this way until he met Isandriel and Ithan by chance one day as they fled from a beast known as The Hunt. What followed that is well documented elsewhere."

Yxonimeye is a character in the Dark World RPG played by my friend Luke. He is one of those characters that I find completely fascinating, dangerous, and unpredictable. He's traveled with my character, Isandriel, and they have a tumultuous relationship, to say the least. I always enjoy reading his posts. This is a birthday present, a bit late, but better late than never. :D

For more information on the Dark World RPG, visit our website: [link]

Wacom Intuos 5, PSCS3, a week.
AwesomeMistressKana Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013
I forgot how fucking magnificent this is
Astral-Deva Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
lol!  Thanks hon. :)  Beware the loin cloth!!! :P
ScarletZephyr Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
Looks fantastic! Love the detail on the wings.
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