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Zabel D'Arkannon by Astral-Deva Zabel D'Arkannon by Astral-Deva
Zabel D'Arkannon is an OC character in the Dark World RPG, who is owned by my friend Paul.

Zabel is the unfortunate offspring of a forsaken (a demon) and a human. He holds many of his demonic father's traits, looks wise, as well as having this dark shadow over his persona that leans him towards doing the wrong things. He is a very complex character, one you aren't sure you love or hate, depending on how he acts.

Zabel is traveling with a large group of characters that include Tindle [link] , Yadira [link] , Xeno [link] , Rhyn [link] , Fayette [link] , Renaire [link] , Shndrykl [link] , and Astler [link] .

For more information on Zabel, or any character in the Dark World RPG, please visit our website: [link]

Wacom Intuos 5, PSCS3, two days off and on. Enjoy.
bonedancer Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012
Zabel's a hard one with his odd skintone and bloodshot eyes, it's hard not to make him look somewhat comical.
But you've pulled off an ashen touch to the complexion and his stare is equal parts intense and malicious.

I can start to see the appeal of the character now after this!

The quality of artwork you've produced lately has been noticeably richer and more evolved! (Not that your past works were shabby at all!) It's great to see your style really defining and coming into its own!
Astral-Deva Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Dhaw, thanks Mindy! I am finding that it is becoming easier now that I know what my style is. :) And yes, I find that it is hard to really connect with characters until you see that representation of them. I know Zabel was a tough one, but I think he turned out great, and you can really see that look in his eyes that makes him really intense. It's why Tindle has such a hard time with him. :XD:
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August 10, 2012
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